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About Michael Turpin

Healthcare executive with experience working in the US and in Europe. I have sharpened the flinty edge of my personal humor and opinion pieces over a 30 year career in managed care organizations, insurance brokerage and consulting where I have witnessed a lifetime of missed opportunities and black comedies. I speak and write regularly on a range of business, public policy, humor, family and personal opinion topics which are published weekly in two local CT newspapers - The New Canaan and Darien News Review. In June, 2012 I published my first novel T-Rex By The Tail - a comical journey through the looking glass of parenting as we contrast the Jurassic style of 1970s fathers and mothers to the more politically correct Baby Boomers who now negotiate with their teen terrorists. The novel was followed by a second, a prequel entitled Bicentennial Rex, a descent back into 1976 - a dark time in the Force for Conservatives. Both books are available on Amazon, The San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe and at New Canaan's Elm Street Books.
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One Response to Handicapping a Healthcare Apocalypse?

  1. Stephen H. Baum says:

    unsuccessful tried to leave you the first comment: “And now the Republicans have actually come up with an atlernative (a “dark horse?)”


    Chair, NYC Vistage CEO Group 3201 President, The Point Group Network LLC (coach network) Board member, Harvard Community Partners (pro bono alumni services to NFPs in CT) Author: what made jack welch JACK WELCH (Random House, 2007) Host: CEO Master Class at Pace University (CEO interview with unscripted student Q&A)

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