Bi-Centennial Rex is Coming: Be Ready By Reading T-Rex By The Tail –

T-Rex By The Tail; Volume I


Authored by Michael Anthony Turpin 

When 81 year old neo-conservative Karl Patton dies, his four sons must gather up his bones and dredge the river of their own lives lived in the shadow of their father — the T-Rex.

“The T-Rex father possessed an abnormally large mouth from which he would chew out loud, belch, curse, and devour any weaker form of life. He possessed a great sweeping tail that could strike with unusual dexterity, hitting anything, including his own children, for the slightest infraction. His arms were unusually short, which precluded him from washing dishes or changing diapers. He was the perfect machine-an eating, sleeping, and working automaton preprogrammed to control every aspect of his white-picket world. The T-Rex father was fashioned out of reptilian conservatism, while his partner, the She-Rex, served as his alter ego. In an epoch of profound social climate change, the T-Rex father would have devoured his young rather than yield to sacrifice them to a softer ecosystem of collectivism. She-Rex served as his interpreter and voice of reason, helping her companion defend their family against a frontal assault from change, battling the corrupting elements of the antiwar demonstrations, oil embargos, drugs, terrorism, racial strife, assassinations, pandemics, and urban decline.”

As the boys gather to break the news to their mother who is suffering from early stage Alzheimers, life takes a turn for the bizarre and forces each son to come to grips with their birth order, personal biases and comical shortcomings.

For anyone who has wondered whether today’s parents are indeed a more evolved or devolved version of those who preceded us, grown up in a household fashioned out of conservative timber, felt the sting of a belt or heard the roar of creative profanity, this eulogy to the last great age of Jurassic parenting will have you feeling right at home.

To Order:  T-Rex By The Tail
Publication Date:
Jun 20 2012
147515156X / 9781475151565
Page Count:
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Family Life

4 thoughts on “Bi-Centennial Rex is Coming: Be Ready By Reading T-Rex By The Tail –

  1. Mitch Davis June 20, 2012 / 4:26 am

    Mike: The site to order requires a password. Mitch


  2. sgoltz June 20, 2012 / 7:38 am

    Splendid achievements! Thank you, Mike.


  3. Gilda Moshir July 22, 2012 / 2:54 am

    Just read the article in the Tribune about your book, kudos! I’m a parenting expert myself so I am curious to learn what you have to say. To learn more about me, read my blog stories at


  4. Franke Helen June 24, 2013 / 12:19 pm

    Dear Mike, I read your book and just loved it! It brought back so many wonderful memories of Windsor Rd. I’v sent copies off to Bill Caldwell and Dani & Bob Reynolds and of course Jim and Mike. I remember Karl thinking that you were the best listener of all the kids on the block and now we can say you are the best writer! Congratulations and my best to you and your family. If your ears are burning tomorrow it is because my book club will be discussing your book.



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